Don Sparks Letter in the Midland Paper

Ryan Sitton is most qualified for TRC

As we prepare to vote in the Republican runoff for the Texas railroad commissioner, Gwyn and I encourage you to vote for Ryan Sitton — a man of faith, husband, father, pro-life leader and committed conservative. All these are good attributes but just as important, he is the most-qualified candidate for this position, which oversees the highly technical oil and gas industry.

He is an engineer graduate from Texas A&M University who has worked within the oil and gas industry. He understands the high level of technology within the industry and the need to upgrade the level of technology within the commission to better handle the administration of data received, along with proper oversight of activity in the field during the present level of activity. He is an entrepreneur, having started his own company that presently has 300 employees. As a successful businessman with engineering attributes, he will help upgrade the commission to bring that agency into the 21st century to allow proper handling of the necessary oversight.

Gwyn and I know him and enthusiastically support him as the best choice for Texas railroad commissioner. Early voting runs May 19-23 for the runoff election on May 27.

– Don Sparks