“Ryan is an individual with high moral character and expertise to fill the position of railroad commissioner.”


“A vision to make the Texas railroad commission responsive to Texas energy production.”


“He is an engineer, businessman, and conservative whose principles and values align with mine. I firmly believe that if we had more engineers and fewer lawyers running this country, we would be much better off!”


“I’m impressed with his background & willingness to push back on Washington.”


“We need someone serving on the railroad commission with real-world oil field experience. We already have a lawyer and accountant, now we need someone who wears a hard hat.”


“He understands the role of the railroad commission and has ideas that will help improve efficiency.”


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Rich Kinder
, CEO, Kinder Morgan Energy
Frank Burke, Dallas
, CEO, Brigadier Oil
Don Sparks, Midland
, CEO, Discovery Operating
Johnny Isbell, Pasadena
, Mayor of Pasadena
 CEO, Apache Oil
Joe Fowler, Houston
, CEO, Stress Engineering
Tony Pelletier, Houston
, CEO, Alamo Resources
Scott Heape, Dallas
, CEO, H&S Production
JJ Isbell, Pasadena, 
CEO, Texas Trans Eastern Trucking, Pasadena City Council Member
Ned Holmes, Houston
, CEO, Prosperity Bancshares, Inc.; 
Board Member, Associated Republicans of Texas; 
Trustee, “C” Club of Houston
Mark Ellis, Houston
, CEO, Linn Energy
Keith Sinor, Deer Park
, CEO, Sinor Engine and Trustee on 
San Jacinto College Board of Directors
Brian Lamb, Houston
, CEO, Axys Industrial Solutions
Ron Masters, Dickinson
, CEO, Maxim Group
Alan Clemens, Conroe
, CEO, Rio Oil and Gas


Manufacturers PAC of Texas (MPACT)
T. Boone Pickens, Dallas
, Chairman, BP Capital Management
Carl Campbell, Houston
, Former President, 
Houston Assoc. of Professional Landmen
Scott Joyce, Houston
, Managing Director, 
Capital One Energy Banking
Frosty Gilliam Jr., Odessa
, President, Ag Horn Energy, Inc.; 
Board Member, Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation
Mike Baggett, Dallas
, Chairman Emeritus and Shareholder at Winstead
Kirk Edwards, Odessa
, President, Las Colinas Energy Partners
Will Beecherl, Dallas
, President, Verdad Operating Co.
Taylor Mayne, Midland
, President, Mayne & Mertz, Inc., Past President, Permian Basin Petroleum Assoc
Clayton & Modesta Williams, Midland
, Chairman, Clayton Williams Energy
Kenny Isbell, Houston
, President, Apache Oil


Dr. Steve Hotze, Houston
, Founder, Conservative Republicans of Texas.
Williamson County Republican Leaders
Daniel McCool, Pasadena
, Past President of Clear Lake Area Republicans, 
Tea Party Leader and 2012 RPT Delegate
Bob Shults, Houston
, VP, National Federation of Pachyderm Clubs
Conservative Club, Houston
Chris Carmona, Houston
, Attorney and Vice Chairman of the 
Federation of Hispanic Republicans;
2012 RPT Delegate
Dee Carroll, Houston
, Clear Lake Area Republicans, 
Vice President; 
Harris County Tea Party Leader
Heidi Thiess, League City
, City of League City Council Member, 
National Tea Party Leader, 
Conservative Radio Host
Joe Slovacek, Houston
, Houston C-Club PAC Treasurer,
Houston Reality Business Coalition Trustee, 
Hoover & Slovacek Law Firm, Managing Partner
Anthony Vargas, Austin
, Attorney and 2012 RPT Delegate
Barry Smitherman, Houston
, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission
Jerry Patterson
, Texas Land Commissioner
Rae Sinor, Deer Park
, Past President of the Bay Area Republican Women, City of Deer Park City Council Member


Michael Truncale
, SD 4
Megan Higginbotham
, SD 5
Russell Martinez
, SD 5
Mike McCloskey
, SD 5
Candy Noble
, SD 8
Sheryl Berg
, SD 11
Dennis Paul
, SD 11
Bonnie Lugo
, SD 13
Randall Dunning
, SD 16
Tina Gibson
, SD 17
Marvin Clede
, SD 17
Becky Berger
, SD 18
Eric Opeila
, SD 21
Joy Ellinger
, SD 24
Linda Kinney
, SD 25
George Antuna
, SD 25
Johnny Lovejoy
, SD 26
Russ Duerstine
, SD 28
Tom Roller
, SD 31


Eric Froeschner, League City
, Member, Galveston Propeller Club
Shane Hamilton, League City
, Member, Galveston Propeller Club; Gulf Coast Water
Authority Board Member
Diane & John Bowers, Jr., Sugarland
, State Farm Insurance Agent
Brad Bailey, Nassau Bay
, City of Nassau Bay City Council; 
Harris County GOP Precinct Chair; 
2012 RPT Delegate; 
2012 RPT Platform Committee Member
Julie Masters, Dickinson
, Mayor of Dickinson
Chris Reed, Nassau Bay
, Nassau Bay City Manager and Board Member, 
Amoco Federal Credit Union
Steve Cote, Pasadena
, City Council Member, City of Pasadena
Iris Gaddis Harris, La Porte
, Harris County Precinct #561 Chair, 2012 RPT Delegate
Jonathon Amdur, Nassau Bay
, City Council Member, City of Nassau Bay
Honorable Randy Weber, Galveston
, Congressman, CD 36
Carl Gustafeson, Friendswood
, City of Friendswood City Council Member PC
Board Member, Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation
Jerry Mouton, Deer Park
, Mayor of Deer Park, TX
Joan McMillan, Seabrook
, Harris County Precinct #377 Chair
Deirdre Carey-Brown, Friendswood
, Former City of Friendswood City 
Council Member; Attorney, Hoover & Slovacek
Sheryl Berg, Houston
, SREC SD 11, Candidate for State Rep. HD-129
Jackie & Paul Bailey, Friendswood
, Owners, Sudie’s Catfish & Seafood House


Houston: Carolyn Hodges, TFRW Immediate Past President
Houston: Jan Ott, TFRW Board of Directors
San Antonio: Karen Newton, TFRW Board of Directors
Dallas: Debra Coffey, TFRW 1st VP
Austin: Kim Chambers, TFRW VP
West Texas: Juandell Lacy-Roberts, TFRW Dist Pres.
South Texas: Rebecca Bradford, Past TFRW State Pres.
East Texas: Janis Holt, TFRW Vice President
Galveston: Leslie Brumner, TFRW State Board of Directors
Kaye Moreno, TFRW Regional President


Texas Alliance for Life PAC