Experience On The Commission

With his business acumen and strong desire to serve the public and state of Texas, Ryan is a unique leader at the Railroad Commission, the state agency that oversees oil and gas regulation in Texas. In November 2014, he won the general election with over 58 percent of the vote and is the first engineer to serve on the Commission in 50 years. As Railroad Commissioner, Ryan uses his technical expertise and business experience to make decisions for the state that are based on sound science and data and employs a fiscally conservative approach to prioritize the agency’s efforts.

Sound Regulations

Railroad Commission regulations should always be applied fairly and predictably. Ryan’s background as a small business owner has taught him firsthand that regulations must be balanced so the private sector feels comfortable investing their capital in Texas. With our neighboring states competing to take energy jobs out of Texas, the Railroad Commission must always make certain its regulations offer a level playing field for operators to grow their businesses while always ensuring the safety of the public and environment.

As an engineer, Ryan is able to play the critical role of evaluating regulations to make sure that they are technically sound, and not over-reaching. By keeping our regulations sound, consistent and straightforward, we can make sure that our practices are industry leading allowing companies can operate efficiently.

Energy Leadership

If you look at the shift in the global landscape of where people are investing their dollars, they’re looking more at Texas today than they have in 50 years. Our ability to quickly bring production online, decreased drilling and development costs, and our regulatory framework have made Texas THE PLACE to explore for oil and natural gas. We must continue reducing our dependence on foreign oil, maximizing production, and building the infrastructure we need to transport that production. We also need to continue growing exports of our products to make sure that we are competing in the global energy market. Growth in the Texas energy industry is good for our schools, jobs, roads, state budget and overall economy, and Ryan is committed to ensuring that Texas leads America toward a position of global energy dominance.

An Agency Taxpayers Can Trust

The Railroad Commission should be an agency that is not only world-class, but also one that Texans are proud of. We need the Commission to be a leader in technology and innovation that prides itself on uncompromising customer service while using the least amount of your tax dollars. Ryan is determined to lead a permitting process that turns around permits safely and as quickly as possible. Every permit that isn’t approved means less production and fewer jobs for our state. As your Railroad Commissioner, Ryan leverages his experience running a business to make sure that we are efficiently and effectively providing a level of service unparalleled in government agencies.

Private Property Rights

Ryan is a staunch supporter and defender of Texans’ private property rights. Property rights are constitutionally protected and are fundamental to our free society. His family owns a small ranch outside of Corsicana and cherishes the freedom they have to do with that land as they see fit. At the Railroad Commission, he encourages responsible production, being ever mindful that production is only responsible if it accounts for and respects private property owners’ rights.